Bathroom tile installation

Once upon a time, it was where you sailed the high seas, or flapped your mermaid tail, or went scuba diving. And as an adult, the bathtub is still a place of escape and relaxation. But only if it’s kept in top shape. The wear and tear that a bathtub and surrounding area endure over the years can cause significant damage if not tended to. The cracked tile that can develop over time can lead to areas for excessive dirt and germs to thrive, and even attempts to clean it can affect the look of it, as harsh chemical cleaners contribute to damage evidenced by discoloration, stains, chips and scratches. Any of the aforementioned issues are not what you want when it comes to the place you go for a relaxing, thorough cleanse.

What do I do about cracked tile?
While unsightly and inconvenient, cracked tile and damaged bathtub siding do not necessarily mean the end of the line for your trusty tub. There are a number of options available to you in bathtub repair, including tub refinishing, or re-enameling, which can be a much less expensive option than actually replacing a bathtub. Refinishing the tub by smoothing away cracks and blemishes can give the old vessel an appearance of being brand new. And by choosing a different type of coating than it previously wore, the tub can even sport a more modern color and look.
Re-tiling the walls around the tub as well can give the entire room a brand new style.

Perks of updating your bathtub
Why put in the work to refinish a bathtub when you could just have someone install a brand new one? Completely switching it out is of course an option, but if the work and money are being poured into the project, why not save some dollars, and the comfort of the tub you’ve come to know? Not only is it more costly to install a brand new bathtub, but a refinished tub can actually be easier to get clean than the one you started out with. Smoothing out all those imperfections and restoring its condition to better than new makes it easier to clean, and who doesn’t want to save the time, energy, and money that goes into cleaning?

Dig out that rubber ducky that you had forgotten about. Dig up those memories of believing that the ordinary old tub was a mighty ship, or the sea itself. Or just grab a pillow, some candles, and bubbles. Adventure, or relaxation, or both, await within the walls of your bathroom. The luxury is just waiting to be uncovered.

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