Foundation sealing

During the process of inspecting and preparing a “wet basement” for thorough waterproofing, some homeowners notice that their basement walls have developed small cracks over the course of years or even decades. Experts say that a house’s foundation can shift slightly over time, but that if cracks are wider than a thumbnail then it may be time to contract for foundation repair service.

Cracks that rise in the shape of a set of stairs can also signal a need to consider foundation sealing or repairs, experts report. Sometimes homes located at the edge of flood zones can experience degradation to their foundations over time; consistently heavy snow or rain can also seep into concrete and cause extensive damage.

Foundation repair service contractors should be able to diagnose
the state of a home’s foundation and make recommendations as to long-term solutions. Repairing foundation cracks with epoxy is one possibility, and sometimes foundation sealing can go a long way toward waterproofing basements.

Homeowners with stone foundations may find that they have to contract for large-scale mortar replacement, and concrete floors that retain water may have to be dried by an industrial fan or repaired during months when the soil is fairly dry. An experienced foundation repair service should be able to help homeowners determine the best time to initiate foundation and basement repairs.

Unfortunately, floods and property damage due to water add up to more than $3 billion every year. Having a dry basement available can add several hundred feet of living space to a home, and can also be a strong selling point if the owners eventually decide to sell the property. Almost all homes experience basement leakage at some point, but pinpointing the source and fixing it may take some investigation.

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