If you are looking for modern blinds or shades, but aren’t sure what style is right for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Here I will be talking about 2 of the most popular styles of window coverings.

The Benefits of Cellular Shades.

Cellular shades are made from multiple layers of pleated fabric. This creates a honeycomb type pattern, which are sometimes referred to as ‘cells’, hence the name. These blinds have a multitude of benefits, some of which include:

  • Insulation. The honeycomb style compartmentalizing helps to trap air, and improve insulation in both hot and cold weather. This benefit helps maintain them as some of the most energy efficient blinds on the market. Because windows are the number one source of energy loss in homes, cellular shades can definitely help bring down your energy bill. Additionally, investing in cellular shades that are designed with more layers will increase you rate of energy conservation even more. Aside from their eco-friendliness, cellular shades are also eye catching and modern. They can make a great addition to any room, without appearing heavy or overbearing.
  • Easy to use. Unlike traditional blinds, cellular shades don’t have annoying cords. To raise or lower cellular shades you simply use your hand. This not only makes for a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look, but it saves you from having to fight with the cord every time you want them raised. Additionally, this makes cellular shades a safe option for those with children. Not having this cord means no chance for kids to become tangled and potentially injured.
  • Privacy. Another benefit to cellular shades is that they come in a variety of opacities. For those with close to your neighbors this can offer a heightened level of privacy, without compromising style or lighting. For bedrooms, blackout cellular shades are also an option, and can help block out unwanted light altogether, making for a sounder night sleep.

The Benefits Of Roman Shades

One of the simplest forms of window coverings are roman blinds. Not only are they practical, but they don’t sacrifice anything in style. If you’re looking for a reliable set of blinds, roman shades might be for you.

  • Elegance and versatility. Roman shades have been around for centuries, and yet they haven’t waived in popularity. They have a timeless style that can fit easily with any home’s style. If you choose a complementary fabric, these blinds blend seamlessly with any style and theme.
  • Design options. One of the biggest benefits of roman shades is that they come in an almost unlimited variety of style options. For a modern look, there are varieties that come with wooden slatted supports. This gives a clean rigid look that rivals cellular shades. With this option the blinds collapse neatly, though the slack traditional look can give a more casual vibe.
  • Energy efficient. As with cellular shades, roman shades also offer a high level of energy saving benefits. If you select the right type they will work to keep the heat in or out in every season.
  • Light control. Because they are made from fabric, they are capable of letting in the right amount of light, while blocking out the harsher rays. They won’t block out light one hundred percent, like blackout blinds, but they can be more than enough, especially for living areas.

Which One Is Best?

Whether you choose roman or cellular shades will depend on what style you like best. They both offer similar benefits, and can blend neatly into almost every design scheme. Shopping around at local stores that offer window covering can help narrow down which style you enjoy most. Additionally, this will help expose you to the plethora of colors and styles that exist with both options.

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