When preparing to paint or do remodeling at your house, you may have heard the term VOCs along with warnings to avoid them but didn’t know what exactly they were. VOC stands for volatile organic compound, which is released from products like paint as a gas. VOCs contained a variety of chemicals, which may negatively impact your short- or long-term health.

According to recent reports, individuals should not be expose to VOC levels of 500 ppb or more. VOCs do dissipate over time, which minimizes the risk. For example, when you first paint, the VOC levels will be at their highest, but the more time passes, the less the risk will be.

To reduce your risk even more, it is important to choose health-focused paint and an eco friendly polyurethane clear coat. Choosing better products to begin with will greatly reduce health risks associated with VOC exposure. It is better for you, as well as for any animals or children you have in the home.

Individuals that already have health problems or who are pregnant may already have a higher risk associated with exposure to VOCs. Choosing the best low VOC paint will help ensure the safety of you and your entire family. The research supporting the health risks of VOCs are well-established and official warnings have been released.

An eco friendly polyurethane clear coat will provide you with the clean and shiny look and finish you want without the health risks typically associated with polyurethane. Many interior designers are switching to the eco friendly options not only for the sake of their clients, but also for the environment.

When the VOCs dissipate from the paint or finish, it is absorbing into the atmosphere, which is very unhealthy for the environment. Because VOCs are completely unseen, many overlook the risks involved, but they are very really and should be considered.

Many homeowners are doing their own remodeling projects. With the explosion of do-it-yourself television shows, more and more people want to try their hand at house projects. This is a great way to save money and feel a strong sense of pride and accomplishment in your work.

However, doing your own remodeling work also increases your exposure to potential health risks such as exposure to VOCs in many products used in remodeling including polyurethane, paint, and carpeting.

Remodeling professionals are already aware of those risks and likely take measures to mitigate it such as wearing protective gear and breathing masks while working. The average home owner may not be aware however, which creates a potentially dangerous situation.

The do-it-yourself trend has also greatly increased the market for environmentally friendly and socially-conscious products such as the eco friendly polyurethane clear coat, paints, and varnishes. It is important to explore all your options before embarking on your next house project.

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