Room additions

We all have an idea of what the ideal dream home ought to look like, unfortunately it seems very unlikely that such a home exists… yet. Perhaps one of the best things about owning a home is the liberty to design a space custom tailored to your exact specifications through remodeling. Home sellers have especially relied on home renovation projects in the past to add value to a home and make it more appealing when it comes time to sell. Here are three of the most successful renovation projects one can do to add value and appeal to their home.

Exterior Remodeling
Many homeowners seem to forget that they aren’t just selling a building, but the land that it rests on as well. Bolstering up one’s exterior and landscape is a sure way to increase curb appeal, generate buzz, and increase the sale price of one’s home. Privacy fences are often the most requested exterior feature of any home promising a significant return on investment; classy chain link fences and other types of fences can also add value, but nothing beats a wooden privacy fence in today’s market. Upgrading the siding of your home is perhaps one of the best ways to update an outdated exterior, as this gives homeowners the opportunity to change the color, style, and general appearance of a home. Although many homeowners may overlook it, the roof is an ideal place to start on renovations, as replacing a roof could help homeowners cut down on heating and cooling costs as well as beautify an existing home’s exterior.

Kitchen Remodeling
The second most popular request for remodeling according to a survey from the National Association of Home Builders was the kitchen. Having a general theme to stick to is one of the best ways to tackle this renovation project; many homeowners consult a variety of magazines, online articles, and TV shows to gather ideas for what kind of kitchen home buyers are looking for. A 2014 survey found that a quarter of all respondents are budgeting less than $10,000 for their kitchen renovation, yet only 15% have been under budget. Taking into account all of the factors ahead of time is the best way to budget and insure that you can get the best return on investment for your kitchen — this is significant as the average return on investment for a minor kitchen remodel was 82.7%.

Bathroom Remodeling

That same survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that bathroom renovation is the single most requested remodeling job in the United States. Up to 60% of home owners plan on remodeling their master bathroom according to a Houzz survey. Although a bathroom is a place of business for some, for many it is a place of relaxation and peace; whatever role a bathroom plays in your life, updating it to have a more homogenous look and feel can give home owners an average return on investment of around 86.4%. By laying new tile, installing a new vanity and sink, investing in a better toilet, and changing one’s shower setup homeowners have the freedom to turn their bathroom into the most interesting room of their home. As the housing market becomes ever more competitive thanks to the internet, many home sellers are doing whatever they can to set their home apart from the competition; one of these remodeling jobs could be just what your home needs to stand out.

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