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As soon as pests are first spotted in the home, efforts should be taken to remove them before their population can boom in your predator free home environment. Rodents and bugs can find their way in through the tiniest cracks and love to live in attics, basements, kitchens and garages. Pest control New Jersey professionals can help homeowners remove pests of all kinds from the home.

Rodents and bugs often seek shelter in homes for their food supplies as well as shelter from weather and predators. Rodents in the home are not only a nuisance they can cause home damage by chewing on wires, and serve as vectors for disease and pests like ticks or fleas. If you spot a rodent or signs of rodents like chewed wires or droppings, pest control delaware companies can help you give the boot to your unwanted guests. With a bit of planning, pest control New Jersey professionals say you can limit the possibility of pests invading your home.

1. Pest control Wilmington experts recommend storing firewood and brush away from the home. Firewood and brush are ideal habitats for pests to live and breed in. Pest control New Jersey recommends you move any firewood or brush away from exterior walls of the home and keep it more than 20 feet away from your home to limit possibilities of the creatures living in your wood pile finding a way inside.

2. Inspect and replace seals around windows and exterior doors. Pest control maryland professionals note that mice can squeeze themselves through holes the size of a dime, ants and roaches can get into homes through tiny nearly imperceptible holes.

3. Apply caps and screens to chimneys and vents that transect the homes walls. Pest control MD also recommend using expandable foam around any gaps between the wall and the pipes. Doing these two steps can offer multiple benefits, pest control nj experts say. Chimneys can not only be a point of entrance for pests, nests blocking chimneys can cause fires and carbon monoxide back up.

If you notice any signs of pests in your home, give pest control Wilmington companies a call for remediation. Pest control New Jersey can assist with pest removal of both insect and rodent types.

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