Homeowners have an advantage over Americans who rent their living spaces: they can hire home remodeling contractors to update and modify their house. Maybe one room such a the kitchen may be modified, and kitchen design ideas can be offered by kitchen design companies. Contractors can then be brought on board to effect those changes, and they can refinish or replace nearly anything in the client’s kitchen. In other cases, the master bathroom may be modified, and bathroom design ideas may be surprisingly varied. After all, a bathroom isn’t just a room for the toilet; many homeowners use that room to take a relaxing bath, or to use the sink and mirror for hair styling, shaving, cosmetics, and more. Men and women alike may explore bathroom design ideas if their current bathrooms feels too plain, and such bathroom design ideas may be provided by a design build team. Design build contractors can help the homeowner illustrate what their remodeled rooms will look like, and bathroom design ideas and kitchen ideas may be discussed this way. Even the basement or living room may be remodeled if so desired.

The Industry Today

The home remodeling industry is a big one, and this may not come as a surprise, seeing how many millions of adult Americans own their own home. This industry is robust and may even see some growth. Experts have predicted that by the end of 2019, the total of home improvement sales may reach $409.2 billion or so. Houzz conducted some studies to research who hires home improvement contractors the most, and how much they spend. Overall, it is older Americans, aged 55 and over, who spend the most on home remodeling crews, outspending Millennial homeowners three to one on average. After all, older Americans have had much more time to save up money for projects like this, and they move less often. So, these older Americans may want to spend more money on renovations for their existing properties. Sometimes, they hire contractors or bathroom design ideas; in 35% of cases, the entire house will be remodeled. Within the next decade, though, it’s possible that Millennial homeowners will start catching up as they get older.

Getting the Job Done

One of the more attractive aspects of hiring home remodelers is not only enjoying the results, but the investment efficiency of all this. The current homeowner will enjoy the product of home remodeling, and so will the next one, too. A homeowner may ask for a higher price on their property when they put it on the real estate market if they’ve been remodeling it, and the property may be highly attractive to buyers. A house that’s had some remodeling done may sell faster, and for a better price, than if it had no remodeling done. Rooms such as the kitchen and master bathroom may yield a ROI, or return of investment, as high as 70-80% after they’ve been remodeled. Something similar may happen for landscaping in the front or back yards, making a property even more attractive.

An interested homeowner can look up home remodeling crews online and visit their websites, where articles, videos, and photos will showcase their work. A homeowner may browse a few teams before hiring one, and ask them to remodel particular rooms or even the entire house. If the whole house is being worked on, though, the homeowner may want to vacate the premises for a time until the job is done. A homeowner may coordinate a total home remodeling job around a business trip or a vacation, then come back to find the home totally finished.

The kitchen may have its countertops replaced with granite or marble surfaces, for example, and the floor tiles may be removed and replaced, too. The wooden cabinet doors might be repainted, refinished, or replaced as well, and the sink may be swapped out when a plumber helps out. The fridge or stove might also be updated.

Meanwhile, bathroom design ideas range from new tiles and repainted walls to replacing the lighting fixtures. Plumbers can replace the faucet, shower head, tub, toilet, and sink with attractive new models that are low-flow. This helps save on the water bill over time.

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