Metal roofs offer several advantages for the homeowner. They’re wind-resistant and long-lasting. The popular YouTube channel looks at how to avoid common metal roofing mistakes.

One common mistake that even professional roofers make is not lapping the metal roof panels correctly. The short lip should cover the fat, or extra-wide, lip.

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This is easiest to do by putting the fat lip down first.

Another common mistake is setting the screws incorrectly. The screws should not bend the metal panel or the washer that goes around the screw. You also do not want the screw to be too loose. After installing a screw, check the washer to see if you can move it. If you can, then the screw is too loose.

Although sealant is a good thing, you can have too much of a good thing. Sealant should not be relied on to waterproof your home, since it comes off when exposed to sunlight or wet weather.Caulk or sealant works best underneath the panel or trim.

Many people let their panels overhang their roof too long or too short. An overhang of one and a half to two inches is recommended. This applies to the bottom end and the gable edge of the roof.

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