Summer is a time of picnics, days at the lake or the pool, and late evening walks. Many of these plans, of course, are dependent on the temperatures. When the humidity and temps are really high, in fact, there are days when some people do not even want to be at a pool or a lake. It is at these times when it is important to have a working air conditioner. Whether you live in a small space that operates with a mini split AC that allows for the cooling two transfer back and forth between two different spaces or you have a large home that relies on two separate units, it is important to make sure that your air conditioning is frequently serviced and in good repair.

As the city of Anchorage, Alaska deals with temperatures in the 90s for the very first time, there are many of our Northern friends who certainly wish that they had a better air conditioning option. In fact, in many places like Anchorage there are many homes that do not even have air conditioning. This, however, may be changing if these places continue to see record high temperatures.

Heating and Cooling Services Continue to be Very Important in Many Parts of the Country

Whether you are someone who is looking for the best mini split AC for an RV that you are renovating or you are planning for a better way to cool a large two story home, it is always important to invest in the best kind of air conditioning option that you can afford. Once the installation occurs, however, it is also important to make sure that you follow through on the manufacturer recommended maintenance and service. In most cases, this requires a twice a year service call from a licensed technician.

Consider these facts and figures about the air conditioning industry and the role it plays in the comfort of our homes, as well as the economy of the nation:

  • 66% of all homes in the U.S. have air conditioners.
  • According to the latest research, air conditioners cost U.S. homeowners more than $11 billion every year, but regular maintenance can keep an air conditioner running efficiently.
  • Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners and taking other actions to keep a home cool can reduce energy use by air conditioning by 20% to 50%.

We are in the heat of the summer in many parts of the country. In fact, even Anchorage, Alaska is experiencing record temperatures in the 90s. This is the time, of course, when the use of mini split ACs and other options are more important than ever.

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