Having an antenna for your tv goes a long way in getting a few channels up and running; that’s why learning how to install an antenna goes a long way. Plus, the steps are pretty quick and easy and don’t need any expertise. Here are the steps:

Steps on how to install an outdoor antenna:

Step 1: Mounting your antenna at the highest vantage point of your house will give you better signal coverage and reception. The best spots can be either on top of the roof or in the attic, but if you have a nearby tree in your home and the wires are still good, opt for the higher one.

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It is also a good idea to mount your antenna facing a transmitter’s site for a better signal.

Step 2: The second step is to run the coax cable lines from the antenna and onto your television. A simple tip is to create a drip tip along your antenna wire to keep water from running down the line. It would be a great idea to staple the cable wires to make them look cleaner and organized; be careful not to puncture the wires when stapling.

Step 3: Connect the coaxial cable to the T.V. port and have your television scan for any available channels. The settings for discovering channels can usually be found on the setup menu of your tv. Now, you are ready to enjoy free channels.


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