Did you know that upgrading windows and doors offers homeowners a fantastic, cost-effective way to increase the value and attractiveness of their homes? And, as an added bonus, many options can help homeowners reduce their heating and cooling costs thanks to improved insulation. Deciding on the right type of window frame is the first step in the process. Review the following video or read the post below for tips on the four types of modern window frames.

1. Vinyl windows

Vinyl windows tend to be the least expensive option available — they’re also the most commonly installed choices. They come in a variety of colors, yet keep in mind, they can be difficult to paint if you should ever choose to change the color scheme of your home.

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2. Fiberglass windows

Fiberglass options tend to be stronger, thinner, and have more attractive detailing than vinyl windows. They’re a fantastic middle option that delivers a good combination of value and quality.

3. Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows come in a variety of price ranges and offer many upgraded features. To keep heating and cooling costs under control with an aluminum window, make sure to select an option with a thermal break.

4. Wooden windows

Modern wooden windows feature classic styling and modern technology. Many feature a combination of aluminum and wood to create a great combination of design and functionality.

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